Benefon’s latest dubbed the Twig


    If you are as skinny as I was around 13 years of age, you would be familiar with this nickname – twig. Yes, I was teased and tormented for the lack of muscle and fat on my corpus maximus, and twig was one of those names I was called by the seniors. So why would Benefon of Finland go and name their latest GPS smartphone a Twig? Maybe because the world is great, or them white ignorant geeks will buy the phone? Who knows, perhaps they are treehuggers.

    The Twig can do your basic phone duties (minus camera or super-flash games) while also getting you around places in a hurry. There’s also a way to connect with others using the same navigation network via SMS, as well as a one-touch alert system that sends your position and time/date stamp to a phone number of your choosing.

    Street price will be just over $600 US.