AirPod looks like iPod, doesn’t play music

AirPod looks like iPod, doesn’t play music


This has got to be heresy, blasphemy, treason or something. How dare they? How dare they use the -Pod suffix on a device that doesn’t even have anything to do with playing music whatsoever. Instead, the AirPod from Blue Air is little more than a stylized air purifier. Sure, it may be more “useful”, so to speak, to rid the air of “all the bacteria, pit stink, and Cheetos dust that fills your room”, but I need my tunes.

It looks nice (what product that mimics Apple’s design doesn’t), but there are going to be a few people who’ll raise a stink over this. Thankfully, I have my itty bitty Samsung DAP to keep me occupied.

The Blue Air AirPod retails for $99. Replacement filters run for $40 a pair.