Taser Jacket will jolt your assailants


    Look closely at this jacket because you might not want to touch it.

    It’s the No-Contact Jacket, and it is a battery-powered jolt-producer designed to keep women feeling safe from attackers. That little switch the model is holding triggers an 80,000-volt jolt that resonates throughout the outside of the jacket. You don’t get juiced yourself because a layer of insulated rubber separates you from the electricity coursing through the fabric.

    In case you’re wondering, the jacket is waterproof. The company says it has made the jacket out of “a teflon-coated waterproof supplex nylon.” Of course, they also warn you not to touch your face if your hand is on the button.

    Just one 9V battery is needed to power the No-Contact Jacket. This protective device comes with a rather hefty pricetag, however. One source has it listed at US$945.