RFID tag technology enforces parking

RFID tag technology enforces parking


An American and a Korean company have joined forces on a handheld RFID reader that will help control parking and traffic in space-conscious Korea.

The uWiz-4000 will help parking officials enforce some of the world’s toughest traffic laws. Currently, car owners have to affix a tag to their cars that limits which days they can actually drive those cars within the Seoul city limits. The handheld is developed by Korea’s Onnitech, based on an M9 UHF module designed by SkyeTek of the U.S. The reader can track car tags at a distance, using its foldable antenna, and can last up to a week without recharging. It identifies the RFID tags on those car tags and compares them to a database of “allowable” listings. Car owners who break the rules will be fined.

Parking conditions havn’t reached such a critical level in the U.S., so the parking enforcement idea may not be required in the West, but the technology sure could be used in other ways.