Life-saving medical device in a tiny package

Life-saving medical device in a tiny package


Today a potentially life-saving emergency card that will fit in your pocket has been revealed.

The EMI r911 Card is the size of a business card and can store tons of detailed personal health information about you for medical professionals in the event of an emergency. You can store data like blood type, allergies, prescriptions, medications and dosages, and even preferred products. The device is easy to use, requiring just thumb or finger control of text-driven menus.

One hospital study estimated that preventable errors kill more people than breast cancer, car accidents, or AIDS. This device is aimed at helping prevent such errors as giving someone the wrong type of blood or an allergic reaction-causing medicine.

You can get one of these handy devices for just US$79.95. That includes a USB port, battery charger, and one year of data access and backup. A yearly subscription fee is required which gives you access to manage health information via EMI’s secure, password-protected web site.