HTC Herald re-christened as the P4350

HTC Herald re-christened as the P4350


We all know that HTC wants to sell products under their own banner these days, and the latest iteration of this mantra is the HTC P4350, a smartphone that we once knew as the Herald. Like so many HTC-made WinMo devices before it, the P4350 throws down a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 2.8-inch touchscreen display, and five-way navigation.

They’ve eschewed any sort of 3G connectivity, but you still get the usual quad-band GSM/EDGE stuff. If you need to ramp up the download/upload speeds, you’ll have to turn to Bluetooth and WiFi radios also found under the hood. Rounding out the specs are a microSD expansion slot, 200MHz TI processor, 2MP cam, 64MB RAM, and 128MB ROM.

Expect the HTC P4350 to hit Europe next month with an asking price of “around $735”.