Failing to pickup Japanese hotties? Watch TV instead


    If you’re looking to improve on the design of an electronic dictionary, how do you do it? Why not add a feature that doesn’t spring to mind automatically when you think of a dictionary? That’s what Sharp has done with the Papyrus PW-TC900.

    This little baby doubles as a UMPC with 20-hour battery life powering its QWERTY keyboard and 480×272-resolution 4.3-inch screen. What’s cool and different about this model, though, is the TV tuner. It’s a foldout tuner that is, in effect, retracted on the flipside of the keyboard. To our way of thinking, 4.3 inches is a bit small for watching TV, but it beats squinting at an iPod screen.

    So if you failed miserably to try and sweet talk that Japanese girl you had your eye on, you can always switch over and watch TV, or listen to the MP3 player and view your photos via SD.

    The Papyrus PW-TC900 English to Japanese (and vice versa) electronic dictionary will be available beginning December 8 and retail for US$425, or 50,000 yen.