Azentek “Scout”s the UMPC market


    Another day, another shot at making the UMPC a commonplace device. Azentek is trying hard to bring UMPCs to the forefront, this time bringing the “Scout” to the forefront. Naturally, it lacks the garden variety QWERTY keyboard we’ve come to love on laptops, opting instead of the onscreen keypad we’ve seen on so many UMPCs before it.

    They say that this latest offering will be based on their “Scout” platform and it will be built to “military specifications.” You’ll get 1GB of DDR2 RAM, up to 160GB hard drive, a rotatable webcam, an ultra low voltage processor from Intel, a biometric scanner, SD slot, USB ports, and a battery that will last “six to eight hours.”

    The price is a bit steep at $1,500, but that seems to be the norm for anything built military tough.