YouTube on a cell phone with Movidity

YouTube on a cell phone with Movidity


Next to MySpace, probably one of the most popular websites on the ‘net has got to be YouTube. There, you can enjoy everything from movie trailers to Borat clips, Jackass-inspired stunts to the Nintendo 64 kid. Now you can have the same level of spontaneous enjoyment on your cell phone, thanks to from Movidity.

They’re claiming that this is the world’s first mobile video sharing site. Any content uploaded onto the site is automatically transcoded and made available for video-on-demand on cell phones and PDAs. These nifty vids can also be watched on a PC via Shockwave.

Best of all, access is free, and all your need is a basic browser and Java/MIDP2 functionality on your mobile. A beta version will open up mid-December with the official launch coming on January 15.