Digital imaging system does its own tagging

Digital imaging system does its own tagging


Imaging software is getting smarter all the time. Now, according to a group out of Europe, a new system of image technology can recognize a picture of a crowded beach and, incredibly, label the various parts of the scene, like rocks, and sky, and even people.

The PC system scans images for recognizable shapes. Faces, for instance, are usually all about the same size and shape, at least from a pixel point of view. The system then tags each part of the scene and gives the overall image a name based on what it “sees.”

All this is to the point of making it easier for people who take a lot of photos to quickly sort through their images without having to perform potentially time-consuming labeling tasks. Using this system, the computer does it for them.

The system even works on moving images, the scientists say, using the same sort of “tagging.” Mobile phones are the next target.