Windows Live search now on Sprint phones

Windows Live search now on Sprint phones


Score one more for Redmond.

Microsoft, at least its search engine, has muscled its way onto Sprint mobile phones in a big way. If you have a Sprint phone, you might want to check it now for a Windows Live search bar. (That assumes that you have more than the bare-bones phone, of course.)

You can use the search for news, updates, and even ringtones or even go outside Sprint’s services to get info on nearby entertainment venues.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Yahoo and Google already dominate the Internet market in search, even on mobiles. Microsoft, however, is looking to beef up its online presence through newer means, like mobile search.

BTW, Windows Live search won’t cost you anything extra, which is good because it still lags behind what you can get from Google. Still, if you’re a Microsoft loyalist, you’ll find this announcement a welcome step in the right direction.