Skype inks deal with 3 Group network

Skype inks deal with 3 Group network


Skype is branching out, again. The popular VoIP provider has launched a partnership with 3 Group. Customers of that particular provider can make free Skype calls, provided that they sign up for one of the company’s new monthly data plans.

The mobile software perfectly resembles the PC interface, so users won’t have to learn a new routine. The flat rate will be attractive for 3 Group users as well. (The company, although saying that the rate will indeed be flat, hasn’t said how flat; in other words, we don’t have pricing info yet.)

The 3 Group X-Series will go live in the U.K. on December 1 and will spread to other 3 Group markets soon thereafter. Countries that have 3 Group users include Australia, Austria, Ireland, Italy, and Hong Kong.

One other thing to keep in mind at the early stages of this announcement: Only two models of mobile will work right off the bat, the Nokia N73 and the Sony Ericsson W950i. As with the other countries, we presume that other phone models will be added to the compatibility list in time.