Plantronics Discovery 655 gets AAA battery boost

Plantronics Discovery 655 gets AAA battery boost


Sometimes it’s just not convenient to tether yourself to a wall outlet or USB port to juice up your favorite Bluetooth device. With the Plantronics Discovery 655, you won’t need to. You see, it comes bundled with this tubular accessory that draws power from a single AAA battery and shoots that energy over to the headset, effectively providing you with an extra 3.5 hours of talk time or about 80 hours of standby.

Outside of that, it’s pretty much your standard issue Bluetooth 2.0 headset. Other notable features include DSP to “reduce noise levels to provide enhanced sound”, a trio of ear gels to make for a custom fit, and a “multi-point function” that eases connection transfer to other devices.

Weighing in at nine grams, the Plantronics Discovery 655 retails for 99,000 KRW in Korea, or about US$105.