Video: CNN segment supports iPod shuffle, bashes Zune

Video: CNN segment supports iPod shuffle, bashes Zune


Here’s a totally unbiased review of the Microsoft Zune (rolls eyes). Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times recently had a spot on CNN wherein he was supposed to discuss the possible iPod killer. What ensued was a total Zune bash-fest turned iPod love-fest.

They start talking about the Zune’s features, and how it has WiFi and such, but the conversation very quickly turns to its shortcomings. How the WiFi is no good for email, no good for getting music off a network drive, and how the “clunky” design needs some serious work. And then Soledad O’Brien whips out her “impossibly small” 2nd-gen iPod Shuffle, saying how vastly superior that DAP is. Excuse me, Soledad, but I don’t think the Shuffle does email either. Come to think of it, it doesn’t even have a display.

I’m not defending the Zune per se (I have yet to get my hands on one), but you have to admit the segment is awfully one-sided. Check out the video clip below.