Ramos announces three new DAPs: Q10, Q12, Q15


    With a name like Ramos, you would expect the electronics maker to be based in Latin America. Not so. Ramos of China has just announced a trio of new portable music players, one that targets the new Nano, another that sports a round navi-wheel, and yet one more that looks more like a PDA than anything else.

    They haven’t provided any information regarding specs and such, so we are left to guess what the Q10, Q12, and Q15 (from left to right, below) are capable of. The Q10 is very nano-esque in appearance, complete with a rainbow of paintjobs, and the Q15 has got to do video, considering the size of its color display.

    Most likely, these players will be China-only (for the time being), though they may be rebranded down the line for consumption outside of their motherland.