Maxell MXP-1000 iPod dock slims it down

Maxell MXP-1000 iPod dock slims it down


Call it super skinny. Call it anorexic chic. Whatever you call it, super thin devices are certainly “in” these days, and Maxell is cashing in on this trend with their latest iPod-loving speaker dock, the MXP-1000. This minimalist steel pipe-looking thing can be hung on a wall like a plasma, and then taken off for “a great bludgeon, too.”

Feature-wise, it’s not all that different than its primary competitors. It’ll take your iPod, charge up its battery, and blast out the tunes from the integrated speakers. Nothing all too special, but you have to remember that it’s just as much about fashion as it is function.

Look for the Maxell MXP-1000 on the streets of Japan starting November 25. Asking price is $85.