Quattroflex: Is this the future face of Audi?

Quattroflex: Is this the future face of Audi?


As I gaze into my crystal ball and look into the future, I see vehicles with tilted wheels. Single passenger vehicles where the rider looks like he is sitting atop a chariot of some sort. Apparently, Russian designer Alexey Bykov has the same vision. Bykov created what he calls the Quattroflex, and this unique “car” (if you can call it that) took home the Best Use of Technology Award at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2006.

There are two cylinders — one in the front and one in the back — that contain the mechanical doohickeys, with a centrally-mounted control joystick to allow for either left or right-hand steering. As it is made of flexible materials, the Quattroflex would be able to transverse just about any terrain. Think of it as the ultimate shock absorber.

Apparently in the future, we don’t need roofs either.