Panasonic sets the mood with FOMA P702iD

Panasonic sets the mood with FOMA P702iD


Some of you may have encountered “mood rings” when you were younger. They were said to change colors according to your current constitution. It seems the Panasonic has taken the concept of a mood ring, transformed into an LED light show, and stuffed it into a cell phone. Behold the P702iD, a FOMA handset to be available for NTT DoCoMo of Japan.

The LEDs on the front are said to provide 128 gradations of color, with 10 variations of “illumination patterns in brightness and colors.” Dubbed the “Feel Talk” function, the LED changes color according to your “voice tone during conversation.” So, if you couldn’t read your wife before, maybe you can now. “Yes, honey, I’m fine. Yes, yes, everything’s fine.”

Rounding out the specs are a 1.3 megapixel camera, PTT, SD-AUDIO, miniSD expansion (up to 2GB), and “Chaku-Uta Full” service, whatever that is.