Lenovo X60: the Tablet PC with built-in 802.11n

Lenovo X60: the Tablet PC with built-in 802.11n


To my knowledge, the 802.11n standard has yet to be officially ratified, but that hasn’t stopped Lenovo from issuing an N-capable tablet PC named the X60. The 12.1-inch XGA display is naturally a touchscreen, but when you need a more conventional laptop form factor, it can swivel around to reveal a good ol’ QWERTY keyboard. It’s quite the compact package too, at just 3.77 pounds and a touch over 1-inch thick.

Other key features include your choice of Core Duo or Core Solo processors, up to 2GB of RAM, 120GB HDD, a biometric fingerprint reader, and — of course — that lovely 802.11n MIMO WiFi connectivity (in addition to 3G). You don’t need to stay tethered to a power outlet either, because the battery provides you with 7.5 hours of juice on a single charge.

No word on availability (why is there an IBM badge in the corner?), but we hear prices start at $1800.