Laptop desk folds any which way but loose

Laptop desk folds any which way but loose


For adaptability, the Easy Desk Aluminum is hard to beat. As its name suggests, it’s an aluminum laptop desk that contorts itself into all sorts of positions, according to your whims.

It can be the standard laptop desk, with a flat-top surface resembling a TV tray. It can be a bow-legged tower, enabling display at a lower level, such as when you’re sitting on a bed. And speaking of bed, the Easy Desk Aluminum can even accommodate laptop use while you’re lying down. Who says you need to get out of bed to surf?

Pressing a button on the joint enables shape manipulation. The joints lock into place when not depressed, so there’s no danger of collapse. And the surface has a rubber stopper to hold the laptop stable. The company also says that the aluminum surface helps cool laptops.

Thanko makes this product, which has a price tag of US$58.