Bluetooth hits milestone: one billion devices

Bluetooth hits milestone: one billion devices


Despite its rather strange name, Bluetooth technology has come a long way in its relatively short history. Today, the wireless standard hit a momentous milestone: according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, “Bluetooth enabled products are now in the hands of one billion consumers worldwide.”

That’s quite the feat, considering that there are fewer than one billion PC users in the world today (hard to believe, I know). Of course, Bluetooth SIG didn’t do this on their own. “We want to congratulate and thank our 6,000 member companies whose innovation and product got us here,” said Bluetooth SIG executive director Michael Foley, Ph.D. “These are the same companies, along with new members, that will drive us towards our next goal of shipping two billion devices IN ONE YEAR in 2010.”

Pretty ambitious, but if you stop and think about it, it’s well within their reach. Go, Bluetooth, go.