Top Tech of the week – 11.10.2006

Top Tech of the week – 11.10.2006


This week has been a very good week. In the gadget sense, I mean. Sure, there haven’t been any earth shattering announcements or life changing releases by major companies, but that’s nice sometimes. Instead, we have seen some very interesting ideas and innovations come in with little fanfare but all sorts of potential. Here are five that we found particularly interesting for different reasons:

iVue – This is like a science project for big kids. If you trust yourself to take apart your iPod and play with it a bit without wrecking it, then you have a chance at having your own perfectly clear iPod case. For $30 you can buy an iVue case, then you can modify your own iPod by moving it from the case it came in to this one. You’ll either end up with a unique looking iPod, or your friends will be able to mock you for wrecking your device. Either way, someone wins.

Gamepark GP KiDS – If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s playing video games. Gamepark wants to give them a new way to do it. Their new GP KiDS, due early next year, has a 140MHz CPU and a 2.2 inch screen. Games are loaded up from a MultiMedia Card. Besides games, the device can play music or videos, show photos, or even display e-books. The best thing this has going for it, though, is the price – about $50. You’ll probably have to go to Korea to get one, though.

StorVision SV-1000 – With TV getting increasingly portable, it only makes sense that people will need ways to record programs effectively on the go. That’s where this device comes in. It can record from the TV directly onto Pro Duo or Compactflash cards, which you can then slip into whatever device you are using to watch video. A great way to easily capture data, and it’s small enough to go with you on the road, too.

Arima UM650UV1 UMPC – UMPCs are a new segment, and they have yet to do much to excite me. The potential is there, but the execution isn’t there just yet. This one makes an interesting advance in the field. The 6.5 inch TFT display is a touchscreen, but you don’t have to just rely on that. An ergonomically designed keyboard slides out from behind the screen so that you can go faster when you need to. Options like that will make UMPCs more attractive.

Archos 604 WiFi – Every time another portable multimedia device comes out with WiFi it makes me wonder what Apple is waiting for. The latest from Archos is a real doozy. It has a 4.3 inch touchscreen and 30GB of onboard memory. You can watch video or listen to music, or you can surf and send e-mails or transfer files. It’s like a love-child of a PMP and a PDA.