Watch TV in the kitchen via WiFi with Zabady

Watch TV in the kitchen via WiFi with Zabady


Your favorite program is on television, but you’ve got to go to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. What is one to do? Fear not, my multimedia-loving gadget geeks, as Twinbird has unveiled the Zabady. This 7-inch splashproof screen can pick up on the WiFi signal from its base station and in effect, provide you with wireless TV anywhere in your home (and that includes the kitchen… you know, splashproof).

Don’t expect to enjoy high-def on this thing, but the 480 x 234 widescreen resolution will suit you just fine, I’m sure. Battery life is quite good at a solid eight hours untethered. You’ll want to carry it with you everywhere considering that the Zabady is just a touch over 1.1kg (less than 2.5 pounds), and that includes the batteries.

Imagine: following a cooking program while you are actually cooking.