Videos: Zune user interface and wireless file transfer

Videos: Zune user interface and wireless file transfer


The Microsoft Zune probably has the best chance of de-throning the almighty Apple iPod, and the more I see about it, the more I want it. Check out these couple of videos that demonstrate how speedy the WiFi music transfer is and just how “smooth as butter” the user interface is.

First up, Richard Blakely of Gawker shot over “Emily Kane” by Art Brut (a 2:41 track) from one Zune to another, and the entire transfer from beginning to end took less than 30 seconds. The process seems very similar to beaming files over Bluetooth from phone to phone.

The Zune user interface is certainly flashier than that found on the iPod. There are some silky smooth animations as you progress through different sections, and it seems that you can customize the background image to your liking. Despite not having the touch wheel, navigation appears to be very straightforward and user friendly.