Dream gadgets you absolutely NEED


    Here’s a fun game to play. Imagine you suddenly didn’t have a single gadget. You’d obviously have to run out and stock up immediately before you died of withdrawal. If I found myself in that situation, and I had a reasonable budget of a couple of thousand dollars or so to spend, these are the five items I would rush out and buy immediately:

    T-Mobile Dash – You’ll obviously need some way to get access to your e-mail on the go, and for my money the Dash (known as the HTC Excalibur to the rest of the world) is a better choice to the Motorola Q or anything from BlackBerry. It’s a quad band phone, the battery never seems to die, the integrated WiFi is a very nice touch that no one else can touch, and the design, though not perfect, is well thought out.

    Toshiba Gigabeat S – You’re obviously going to need a way to watch your movies and listen to your music on the go. I could go with a phone that could do that, but I want more capabilities. I’m going to forego all the iPod hype and instead go for the Gigabeat because I think that it’s better. It’s got a huge screen, lots of nice features (including an FM tuner), and the interface is well designed and incredibly simple.

    Slingbox – If I had to pick the single coolest technology out there it would probably be the Slingbox. There is no better way to pass that alone time when you are away from home. You can keep up on what’s going on with your favorite team, watch your shows when you want to watch them, and keep up on the local news, and you can do it all without having to spend more for additional programming. You already pay for TV, so why should you have to miss it just because you aren’t at home.

    Nintendo DS Lite – A guy’s gotta be able to play games, and the DS kicks the PSP’s butt. The Sony offering is so determined to be everything to everyone that it doesn’t do much of a job of doing anything really well. The DS is better designed, it’s easier to carry with you without getting damaged, and the games are better and more innovative. I have other gadgets to use if I want to watch video or navigate. A game unit should be about gaming, and the DS does that so well.

    Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 Pro – Whether it’s listening to music, watching movies or playing games, the sound quality is very important. Big noise cancelling headphones are great, but they are too big to be practical. These earphones are the universal fit version of the custom made ones costing thousands that professional musicians use. They fit snugly into your ear, they have three speakers per ear, and you won’t miss anything if you have these on.