Don’t get lost, get the Sanyo NVM-4030 portable GPS


    Was it a right at the old grocery store or a left? How many blocks down was I supposed to go before taking that turn? It sucks getting lost, especially when you need to get to grandma’s in time for that sweet potato pie. Don’t worry, you’ll be there with plenty of time to spare thanks to the Sanyo NVM-4030 portable, voice-guided GPS system.

    Preloaded with over a million points of interest, this handheld navigator boasts a touch-sensitive 4-inch LCD, Bluetooth technology for handsfree calls, and the ability to blast out MP3/WMA tunes with its integrated player. Expansion (or rather, any memory at all) comes by way of standard SD cards.

    The price places the Sanyo NVM-4030 among some rather heavy competition. Look for this GPSer at a store near you for $399.