Top tech to make you a real spy


    I am absolutely fascinated by spy tech. I think I must subconsciously want to be a spy, because I love reading about or seeing high tech spy toys. I’m definitely not a spy, and most of the spy gear I see is therefore both incredibly impractical and ridiculously expensive, but I still can’t help getting excited. We see a ton of spy gear here at Mobile Mag, but here are five of my favorite pieces of the last year:

    Eye Ball R1 – It’s a camera and recorder which is encased in a rubber and polyurethane ball about the size of a baseball and weighing less than a pound. You can throw it into a room that you need to keep an eye on. When it comes to a rest it will start recording the sights and sounds of the area within 25 meters of it, and it will send the images to a handheld unit up to 200 yards away. I have this fantasy about playing catch with James Bond with one of these things outside of the bad guy’s headquarters. The ball goes over the fence ‘accidentally’, and we catch them in the act of trying to destroy the world. We foil their dastardly plot, of course.

    NetTansor – This cute little WiFi robot is another way to put eyes and ears into places you can’t go yourself. He has a webcam whch can record the images around him and transmit them. You can sit somewhere safe with your laptop and track what is going on. The robot has sensors on it, so you don’t have to worry about wrecking it or making too much noise by accidentally running into walls or furniture.

    CX 200 Portable Director II Cell Phone Jammer – This little pocket jammer has both practical and pleasurable purposes. It is shaped like a slightly oversized and odd looking garage door remote, but what it actually does is block all cellular signals within a 3-metre radius of it when it is turned on. The pleasure comes from the fun you could have messing with people around you in busy public places who couldn’t figure out why their phones aren’t working.

    VaporStream – Sometimes you have to send sneaky instant messages, but you don’t want to be worried about someone catching you doing whatever you are doing by reading a record of your IM conversation. That’s where VaporStream comes in. When you send a message no record of it is kept anywhere, and it disappears from the recipients computer as soon as they reply to it. Great for spies, or people having affairs.

    WorldTracker SMS – When you attach this unit, about the size of a typical pager, to something you want to track, you will be able to tell exactly where it is no matter where it goes. It uses GPS technology to figure out where it is, then it sends SMS messages to your mobile phone at regular intervals so you can keep tabs on the location. If you prefer, you can use a website to track your package instead.