Porsche helps Newell develop $1 million RV

Porsche helps Newell develop $1 million RV


The Bugatti Veyron isn’t the only million dollar vehicle out there. Newell Coach Corporation is a fairly well-known upscale motorhome maker and they’ve turned to Porsche for a little help with their latest RV, the P2000i. As this is no sports car, Newell wasn’t all that interested in getting Porsche to create the engine (600hp Caterpillar turbodiesel), suspension (ZF), or transmission (Allison). Instead, they turned to Porsche Engineering to help create the “European” styled front end with Xenon headlamps.

When parked, there are four sections that expand outwards to maximize the interior space. If you’ve got a million dollars to blow and 10 months to wait, you can order a P2000i directly from Oklahoma-based Newell. They also have a nationwide dealer network, if you’d prefer to take that bank-busting route. Supply will be limited to about 40 units a year.

Update Nov 09: Apparently they don’t have a dealer network and all coaches are sold factory direct. Thanks Karl Blade for the info!