Nokia ghetto blaster for your phone

Nokia ghetto blaster for your phone


This seems like something right out of Do the Right Thing.

Take a cursory glance and you’ll swear it’s an iPod gadget. But look closer and you’ll discover its true purpose—blasting music from your Nokia phone.

The Ghetto Blaster is distinctive in its transparency, which lets the whole world see the speakers and amps and all the other internal workings of the boombox. Oh, yes, then there’s that internal shelf to hold the phone. The handy strap on top makes the Ghetto Blaster eminently portable, although it might bounce a bit heavy on the hip.

So we have this photo and not much else. Nokia says it will release the Ghetto Blaster first in Finland, naturally. Other release details, including price, are not yet available.

Radio Raheem would be proud.