Mio H610 GPS device designed for women


    The new Mio H610 is being marketed towards women.

    Technically, either males or females can use it. The colors are a bit more designed for women, and the marketing literature has a definite female-targeted language. It does “fit easily into handbags,” and it does have a touchscreen that allows you to access maps of 24 European countries.

    You also get pre-installed WorldMate software, which gives you weather reports, currency conversion rates, dialing codes, and even clothing size conversions. This being a more modern navigation device, it also has a music player and a full 1GB of space to store those MP3s and other data files, such as photos. Don’t miss the Outlook synch option as well.

    The price is a bit steep for the standard GPS device, US$531, but you do get a bit more for your bucks than you normally would.