Telus shows business users love: BB 8703e, Treo 700wx


    Telus really loves their high-speed EV-DO network and so do their business clients. They’ve just launched two new PDA phones: the BlackBerry 8703e and the Palm Treo 700wx.

    The BlackBerry 8703e is more of what you’d expect from Research in Motion, including the full QWERTY keyboard, plenty of support email and text messaging, a vibrant 65k color screen, Bluetooth 2.0, and — of course — 1x EV-DO. Price with a three-year contract is a whooping $500. Not as sexy as the Pearl, but what can you do…

    The Treo 700wx, however, can be had for less than the half the price of the new BlackBerry. At $200 with a three-year agreement, the Treo also has a QWERTY keyboard, along with such high end features as text messaging, vibe alert, polyphonic ringtones, and caller ID. Imagine the drool dribbling down my chin. At least it does EV-DO.