Supercars from the last places you would think

Supercars from the last places you would think


When someone says supercar, you probably think of incredibly fast and sleek cars made in the typical places for top-end vehicles – Italy, of course, Japan, Britain, Germany and the U.S. Outside of that, though, there are a lot of very impressive vehicles being made in countries that aren’t exactly car manufacturing superpowers. Here’s a look at five that could get you a hefty speeding ticket in any country:

Canada – We may be known more for producing hockey players than sports cars here in the Great White North, but a company in Quebec is looking to change that impression. The Locus supercar is being designed and built by someone who has made his mark repairing and modifying Lamborghinis. It will be a while until the Locus is available, but when you can get one you certainly won’t feel out of place parked beside those Lamborghinis.

Australia – Australia does have a car industry of its own. We just don’t hear much about it here in North America. One of the makers, Elfin, has started to produce the MS8 Streamliner roadster supercar. It’s a bit surprising that the 100 models which will be produced will only kick out 325 horsepower, but the cars are small enough that that should be able to get it rolling at a good clip.

Thailand – I think of Thailand for noodles, not cars, but the Galmer Arbitage GT is definitely not a noodle. The carbon fiber vehicle comes with a 500 horsepower engine under the hood, but the makers say you can get that up to 800 horsepower with a little work. There will be 350 of the cars made by the makers, and about 250 of them are expected to hit the U.S. market.

Russia – I always think of Russia as a place that is dark, dreary, old fashioned and dull, but the Russo-Baltique Impression is definitely none of those things. Russian car maker Russo-Balt teamed up with a German partner to create this sleek vehicle. It’s reportedly based on the Mercedes CL 65 AMG, but you obviously wouldn’t guess that by looking at it.

Hungary – I don’t really think of anything when I think of Hungary. Goulash, maybe. And now the Brokernet Silver Sting, too. It has a Porsche 911 GT3 3.6 liter engine under the hood which is capable of 437 horsepower. The Porsche connection makes sense because Porsche has a manufacturing facility in Hungary.