Official: Saleen, it’s not just for Fords anymore


    In late September, Steve Saleen said that his tuning company was “looking at other opportunities.” Well, I guess they’re done looking (for now). Saleen has confirmed that they want to work closely with General Motors, and more specifically, to juice up the upcoming Chevy Camaro.

    They’ve noted that the top-end Camaro will boast the same 6.2L V8 as the base Corvette, producing 450 horsepower, whereas the base V8 will simply be a “detuned version of the same engine.” Saleen will be working with the base model, and jazzing it up to a 485 horsepower behemoth. What’s more, they may toss in a supercharger (and some other goodies) to produce a 600hp offering as well.