Ten things to hate about smartphones

Ten things to hate about smartphones


What’s with all this hate lately. At least when we decide to post an editorial, it discusses both sides of the story.

One study has already decreed that all-in-one devices are not up to snuff, and now we’ve got a few more reasons why you may not want one. In fact, CrunchGear has compiled ten reasons why smartphones suck. The top ten things to hate are thus:

10. Propriety connectors and software
9. Quick access to important functions are buried
8. No OS X support
7. All-in-one makes “smartphones that look like boat anchors”
6. Poor battery life
5. Confusing user interface “full of arcane symbols and strange readouts”
4. So much software, none of it pre-installed
3. Crippled features (looks at Verizon and Telus)
2. Not very useful as a phone
1. Windows Mobile 5.0 is teh suX0rs

For a more in-depth discussion, check out the Read link below.