Reviewing the Microsoft Zune: iPod killer?

Reviewing the Microsoft Zune: iPod killer?


We’re on the eve of a new age. An age where you are given more portable media choices than just those emblazoned with fruit on the back. The Microsoft Zune will soon be upon us, and Gizmodo had a pretty intense groping session with the music/video player. Even before the thing was booted up, the editors there were in love.

The exterior “both looks and feels great” thanks to the dual layer coating (green glowing poop?). The Zune is only compatible with the Zune Marketplace, so any Rhapsody or Napster enthusiasts need not apply.

In the end, Gizmodo decided that the Zune is quite the formidable entry and most adopters will quickly fall in love with the unit. Check the Read link for the full review (including a gallery and a couple videos).