Crispin Jones UMPC: Look ma, no buttons


    Buttons can be bewildering things sometimes. Tired of asking yourself if you’re pressing the right key? Eschew intimidation and confusion with this unique UMPC designed by Crispin Jones of the UK. You won’t find any buttons on this handheld whatsover. Instead, you are forced to utilize the touchscreen interface to the fullest. Some may say this is just more intuitive; others may argue that this is a giant leap backwards.

    Other than the complete lack of buttons, the two other features that will catch your eye on this otherwise garden variety handheld are its unique etchings and bold paintjob. Whether they tickle your fancy or not is, well, a matter of personal preference.

    No word on whether Crispin’s UMPC will make it into production, but the designer is associated with PBJ, makers of the yawn-worthy SmartCaddie EX.