Belkin unveils army of Zune accessories


    Come on. You had to expect this. Just as the iPod accessory game is incredibly lucrative for anyone willing to give it a try, building add-on gadgetry for Microsoft’s player is a cash cow that will keep on giving. Belkin doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to profit from the Zune, unleashing no fewer than eight accessories for the supposed iPod killer.

    Among the highlights are the $79 TuneBase FM (which is basically an FM transmitter, complete with LCD display, line-out, and flexible neck), the $29 Folio Kickstand Case (a soft folder that doubles as a stand), and the $59 TunePower (a kickstand-power adapter combo).

    The other five products are: acrylic case with detachable belt clip ($29), holster case ($29), neoprene armband case ($29), sports jacket case with armband ($19), and screen overlay ($14).

    See press release below.

    AVAILABILITY in North America (launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow):

    * Cases: Mid-November
    * TuneBase FM and TunePower: Late November

    TuneBase™ FM Transmitter for Zune (F8M026) – $79.99

    * Positions in either portrait or landscape mode (ideal for viewing video)
    * Features a built-in FM transmitter that wirelessly connects to your car stereo, transmitting on FM channels 88.1 MHz–107.9 MHz
    * Includes a 3.5mm audio line-out for use with cars with MP3 audio line-in or with cassette adapters
    * Constructed with a flexible-steel neck that positions easily inside your car
    * Three programmable memory presets
    * Features an LCD display with backlight that displays FM frequency and memory selection

    TunePower® for Zune (F8M027) – $59.99

    * Extends the playtime of your Zune by up to 6 hours
    * Foldout kickstand allows for a perfect hands-free video-viewing angle
    * Saves money and the environment with rechargeable battery
    * Custom-molded sleeves protect your Zune
    * Includes AC power adapter
    * Protective-case design prevents damage to the connector from dirt, dust, or impact

    Acrylic Case for Zune (F8M028) – $29.99

    * Detachable belt clip/stand allows for a better video-viewing angle
    * Metal-topped, clear, acrylic, form-fitting case
    * True-sense, control-pad protector
    * Protects your screen with clear cover

    Folio Kickstand Case for Zune (F8M031) – $29.99

    * Adjustable kickstand case allows for a better video-viewing angle
    * Protects your screen with clear cover

    Holster Case for Zune (F8M030) – $29.99

    * Removable, stain-resistant, microfiber holster case makes this a dual-use case

    Neoprene Sports Armband for Zune (F8M033) – $29.99

    Sports Jacket Case for Zune (F8M034) – $19.99

    ClearScreen™ Overlay for Zune (F8M035) – $14.99

    Zune is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.