The anti-commercial: Seven fantastic DIY projects

The anti-commercial: Seven fantastic DIY projects


Even with so many different electronic devices on the market, sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for. Take things into your hands and create these seven wonderful gadgets by yourself.

Disposable Camera Taser: Just don’t go zapping random people on the street, ’cause, you know, that’s not right.

Paper Clip Motor: Why buy a pre-built R/C car when you can propel one on your own?

Mood Lamp: A relatively simple project involving high power LEDs which allow the light to fade between “all the colours of the rainbow at the speed you selected.”

Floppy Disc Bag: The latest in geek chic, making use of all those 3.5-inch disks collecting dust in the corner.

MintyBoost USB charger: Give your iPod a quick pick-me-up from a couple of AA batteries.

9V LED Lamp: Commercially available flashlights are fine and all, but you can’t get much cheaper (or brighter) than this relatively straightforward project.

Bump Key: I don’t want you getting yourself into trouble with this, but a bump key are designed in such a way that “they can virtually open any lock.”