Study says all-in-one phones not up to snuff

Study says all-in-one phones not up to snuff


According to a recent study released by In-Stat, while all-in-one phones are slowly becoming all the rage, they still aren’t good enough to replace the devices they were designed to replace. It only makes sense that when you start to combine functionality, certain sacrifices and compromises must be made, and it seems that these sacrifices are still too hefty for the average user.

For example, most cameraphones on the market are still in the VGA to 2.0 megapixel range (in North America, at least), which is a far cry from the much more powerful point-and-shooters out there that boast in excess of five megapixels: 80% of cameraphone owners “regularly” carry a digital camera. The same can be said about musicphones and their storage capacity, playback quality, and battery life, compared to standalone MP3 players that boast multi-gigabytes of tunes: over half of musicphone owners still lug around a separate music player.

The one stat is particularly alarming, however, is that 75% of smartphone users still carry a PDA. C’mon, that’s so 2001. Is Symbian and WinMo not good enough for you?