It’s Halloween.. Time to dress up that iPod

It’s Halloween.. Time to dress up that iPod


It’s Halloween time. That means just one thing – costumes. Sure, you can dress up in a costume for yourself, but what would be really fun is a costume for your iPod. After all, if your iPod isn’t dressed up then how will people know how much of a loser you are? I mean, how cool you are. There are a disturbing number of different costumes available out there, and here are five of our favorites:

Clown – I have always been a little freaked out by clowns, but this one isn’t as creepy or disturbing as some. The hair and the bow tie are nice touches, but it’s the red nose that really makes this outfit work. I’d be particularly impressed if there were some big shoes to go with this collection, but it appears that I’m out of luck.

Cowboy – I live in an area known for its cowboy heritage, so I know a cowboy when I see one. This obviously isn’t a cowboy, it’s an iPod, but it would still fit in down at the saloon or out on the range or over at the rodeo, or wherever else a cowboy would want to go. Nothing says cowpoke like fringed suede chaps and a matching suede hat. Howdy, pardner.

Hula – This costume lets you celebrate the joys of the Hawaiian culture, but it lets you do it modestly – it includes a flower bra so that people don’t get to see more than they should. The grass skirt will swish around as your iPod moves its hips to the music it plays, and it even has a miniature lei so that you can use all the great jokes – hey babe, how about a lei?

Negligee – If you think that dressing your iPod up in costumes is a good idea then this might be just what you need. This sexy lace negligee will work both as a racy costume when you are out on the town with your iPod, and as a mood setter when you are back in the comfort of your bedroom looking for a little one-on-one time.

Princess – You treat your iPod like a princess, so you might as well dress it like one. This ensemble even includes a tiara complete with rhinestones (I’m sure you could replace them with diamonds if you really wanted to). With that gown and that wand there is no way that your iPod won’t fell like she is the most important part of your life.