Coleco is back with handheld Sega games

Coleco is back with handheld Sega games


You thought Coleco was dead after they failed with the Colecovision of the 80s? Heck no! The video game maker is coming back with a retro vengence, offering a brand new handheld gamer. Sure, it won’t boast the flashy graphics of the PSP or the innovative gameplay of the Nintendo DS Lite, but it’s definitely got something going for it and that’s a zippy blue hedgehog named Sonic.

Yup, this glossy black wonder is called the Coleco Sonic Handheld and it comes preloaded with 20 classic Sega titles. Twenty! These include Ecco II, Altered Beast, Columns, and Sonic Triple Trouble. Forget the Wii or the PS3; break for Target to get your Coleco Sonic Handheld pre-order. Just fifty bucks.

Full Game List: Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Triple Trouble, Alex Kidd in High Tech World, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Altered Beast, Assault City, Astro Warrior, Aztec Adventure, Bomber Raid, Columns, Ecco II: The Tides of Time, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, Global Defense, Kung Fu Kid, The Ninja, Penguin Land, Quartet, Snail Maze, Super Columns.