BRAINic T-DMB/GPS handheld boasts two screens


    When you’re in the market a portable GPS unit, especially one that you’ll be using to catch T-DMB Korean dramas too, it can be difficult to decide on the form factor. Devices with 4.3-inch screens are infinitely more pocketable, whereas 7-inch displays minimize the squinting. BRAINic is giving you both its new JUCTOMA.

    There’s a single core unit that powers the whole beast, providing you with SiRF Star III, Windows CE 5.0, multimedia (MP3, WMA, DivX, AVI, JPG, etc.), and 2GB of NAND flash. Simply plug this puppy into the 4.3-inch screen for when you value portability and into the 7-incher when you prize visibility. The best of both worlds (and check out that FCC sticker!).