Which has a better display: DS Lite or PSP?


    And the battle for handheld gaming supremacy continues. In one corner, we have the lighter, brighter DS Lite from Nintendo. In the other corner, we have the multimedia powerhouse known as the Sony PlayStation Portable. PC Magazine pit these two portable giants against one another to determine which had better picture quality, and here are the results.

    In terms of sheer brightness, the DS Lite leaves the PSP in the dust, with a rating of 200 cd/m² (compared to the 115 cd/m² the PSP can offer while unplugged). The PSP does offer better resolution, however, with 130 dpi versus the 110 that the NDSL brings to the table. According to the report, the DS Lite has a larger color gamut (though I find the color is more lifelike on the PSP).

    In the end, the PSP got a B+, narrowly edging out the DS Lite with its B. So close. So very, very close.