Top Tech to keep your pants cool amidst involuntary battery combustions

Top Tech to keep your pants cool amidst involuntary battery combustions


This whole situation with the spontaneously combusting Sony batteries has me pretty worried. I spend hours everyday writing on a Dell notebook, and I keep it on my lap most the time as I write, so an explosion would have serious repercussions on my life and some of its more enjoyable activities. My battery isn’t one that has the problem, but it seems that Sony has never seen a battery that they couldn’t explode. I know I’m not the only one who is concerned about these things, so I have done some research for people like me who put themselves at risk every day. Here, then, are five different clothing options you could look at to protect yourself in the event that your battery decides to do a bonfire impersonation:

A laptop often rests on a lap, so the underwear region is clearly at risk. This fireproof underwear is apparently cool and comfortable, so you don’t have to make sacrifices in the name of protection. Apparently you are even more protected if you soak the underwear in ice water before you wear it, but I’m not sure how practical, or pleasant, that would be.

This may be my favorite solution. It costs $1,400, so it might be worth more than your notebook, but it’s also so much cooler than your notebook is. It’s made of Nomex, and it has strategically placed panels for excellent ventilation. The one piece design means that your clothing bills will go way down – why buy clothes when you don’t need them? It comes in a choice of colors – I’m thinking that it would look pretty cool if your jumpsuit matched your computer.

Sure, asbestos has a bad reputation. Inhaling the fibers can kill you in all sorts of nasty ways. You need to look past that, though. Asbestos naturally comes in fibers, and any handy laptop user could weave those fibers into all sorts of useful items – clothing, mouse pads, laptop covers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and your safety is guaranteed with any use. Just remember this handy equation – more asbestos = more safety, and don’t forget the respirator.

This suit provides both function and style. The two piece design provides you all sorts of options for high fashion – you could get different color suits and mix and match pants and jackets. You could even wear the jacket from this suit over the Alpinestars jumpsuit for more formal occasions. The reflective stripes on the suit add an extra layer of safety, too – you don’t have to worry about not being seen if you have to use your laptop at night on the side of a road.

This option provides less protection than the other style of fireman suit, but it may be more suitable for hot weather climates where a heavy suit would be unbearable. The fact that the hat is color coordinated so nicely with the rest of the outfit makes things so much easier for you. For some of you, this option might make it easier for you to meet and make friends with other laptop users, too.