Zettabyte makes data backup easy and secure

Zettabyte makes data backup easy and secure


Remember years and years ago when someone said that no single person will ever need more than one megabyte of storage. My, how things have changed. People are stashing huge libraries of music, photos, videos, documents, and so forth on their computers, much of which could be absolutely priceless. That’s why you want a reliable backup solution, and most of us have opted for some form of external hard drive for that purpose. The Zettabyte Z-Box is something quite different.

It gives you the added security knowing that if it is physically destroyed, your data is still safe because it is further backed up on Amazon’s S3 storage cloud. In this way, should you home get hit by an earthquake and everything is destroyed, your digital family pictures are still safely stowed away by Amazon.

The device itself is absolutely free, but you will have to fork out quite a few doubloons each month to receive this service. On the lower end of things is a $50 plan for 30GB, which can easily work its way up to $300 a month for 690GB of space.