Use your Zune to make money


    While Apple will very happily accept your money when you log into their iTunes Music Store to purchase the latest ditty, Microsoft appears to be doing something a little different with their DAP/PMP. Apparently, when you make use of the Zune’s WiFi capabilities to share your music with a friend and then she goes on to purchase that song, you get a nice gift from Microsoft: “an unspecified number of credits” that you can redeem for “free music or anything else from the Zune Marketplace.”

    They’re not exactly “paying” you to share your music, per se, but it certainly is a nice incentive to let your buddy in on the latest Marilyn Manson hit. After all, they can only listen to it three times within three days after you beam it over to them. If they like it, they plop down a buck to buy it, you get credits to buy more music, and the cycle continues. Of course, this is still just a rumor, so we’ll have to sit tight for some kind of confirmation one way or the other.

    UPDATE 10/25: Stupid interweb, always toying with my emotions. It turns out that there’s no pay for Zune play after all. I hate false hope, but somehow, I still want a Zune.