Top Tech to deter theft

Top Tech to deter theft


Having your phone stolen would be terrible, and losing my notebook would cause my whole life to crash to a halt. I’m certain that there is a special section of hell reserved for people who steal electronic devices, but knowing that someone has a nasty afterlife ahead of them isn’t consolation while they are cruising around using your phone and while you’re stuck on the payphone. There is all sorts of technology popping up all the time to deter theft. Here are five of the more interesting approaches:

This software only costs $15, so it could save you many times its cost. Every time a PDA or smartphone with the software installed is booted or reset the software checks the SIM card to see if it matches the one that was originally registered. If it doesn’t, the software secretly sends a message to a number you have designated to let you know who has your phone. What you do with that information is up to you, I guess. I think you should find them and fight them.

When you are carrying this phone with you, you also have to carry a special card which is small enough to slip into your pocket or wallet. If the phone is separated from the phone by to great a distance it locks up and can’t be used without the card being back in the region and a password being entered. It still means that someone can steal your phone, but you can feel good about the fact that they can’t use it once they take it.

This software doesn’t stop someone from stealing your new MacBook, but it puts them in a world of hurt once they do take it. Once you let the service know that the computer has been stolen, the software springs into action. First, it shoots out the IP address out to you as soon as the computer is connected to the internet, so you can track it down. Next, it uses the iSight camera to take a picture of the bad guy for future identification. Finally, the program simulates a screen failure so that the bad guy can’t use it anymore. The guy will be sorry that he ever got out of bed that day.

Corporate executives must have nightmares about all the valuable corporate data that is floating around on their employees devices. If any of it falls into the wrong hands it could be a disaster. Sprint wants to prevent that. Their solution lets you block access to the company’s intranet from non-authorized users. Thieves can also be blocked from accessing any files on the device. It also has a feature that only allows corporate sanctioned applications to be run on the device. How’s an employee supposed to surf porn on the road if that’s in place?

When someone lifts your smartphone you can use this solution to limit the damage. With it, you can remotely lock your phone and you can wipe all data from it. That’s all good, but it’s another feature that’s much more fun – you can cause the phone to make a high pitched screaming sound that is apparently annoying enough to wake the dead. The guy might be as happy to have your phone after that.