Mustang gets stable of 700 horses courtesy of Roush


    Roush is a very well respected tuner of Ford vehicles, having tinkered with their F-series trucks and Focus econobox, but perhaps their best known project has always been the blue oval’s pony car. Roush has developed three new kits for the high-powered Mustang GT500, one of which boosts the muscle car up to an incredible 700 horsepower.

    Some of the most notable components aren’t even all that fancy: the Cold Air (intake) kit, with a little calibration, coaxes out an additional 45 horsepower. Other elements include a 2.3L blower, ROUSHcharger, and so on. Best of all, most of these upgrades void the company warranty. That said, if you go all out and get the best kit they’ve got, you will void the warranty, but you get to enjoy a roaring 700 stallions. No word on pricing.