Archos 504 PMP with 160GB hard drive goes on sale


    Archos unveiled its next generation of PMPs over two months ago, getting our juices going for a whole new video-on-the-go experience. Tomorrow, they will formally announce the availability of the player with most storage capacity of them all, the Archos 504, with its behemoth-sized 160 gigabyte hard drive.

    With 160 gigs, you’ll have enough space for “155 DVD quality movies, 95,000 songs or 1,600,000 photos.” That’s a lot of capacity, especially considering that you can enjoy said videos on its bright 4.3-inch widescreen display. If you’re not quite ready to plop down the $600 asking price for the 160GB version, there are two smaller variations — the 40GB and 80GB — that will go for $350 and $400.