Help Guy Fawkes escape from the Tower of London


    Location-based gaming is becoming a very popular phenomenon. We’ve seen Halloween-themed games already, and now you’ll have a chance to help some virtual prisoners escape from the Tower of London. HP has teamed up with Historic Royal Palaces to give visitors to the famous landmark a fairly unique experience.

    You trek around the prison equipped with an iPAQ and as you get to certain locations, you automatically receive the appropriate digital file. Thanks to technology like GPS, you meet historical prisoners like Anne Boleyn (one of Henry VIII’s ill-fated wives) and Guy Fawkes (yes, like that guy from V for Vendetta).

    Learning a little bit of history becomes a lot more fun as you try to help these virtual criminals avoid the guards and find their way to freedom. “We hope that members will enjoy playing this innovative game on the actual sites where history happened,” said Aileen Peirce, exhibition project manager at the Tower.